Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Samuel Eto

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On 17th March 2006, the Fundación Privada Samuel Eto’o was formed, with the aim of bringing together all the activities which Samuel Eto’o and a group of friends have been carrying out for years in various villages of Cameroon.

To date, the Foundation has led a series of projects related to the schooling, education, cooperation and development of children in Cameroon, using football as a tool for social integration.

Below is just a list of the various charitable activities which Samuel Eto'os foundation  partakes in

Sporting Activities

-  Festi Sport Project
-  Fundes Sport Competition
-  Tutorship of children in Europe
-  Campus Eto'o
-  Women's Marathon

Social  Projects

-  Orphanage of Afrad
-  Children of the street
-  Ambulances
-  Prisons
- Medical care

For more information checkout the website

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