Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Michael Essien

The Michael Essien Foundation (MEF) is a local Ghanaian NGO founded by Michael Essien, the renowned Ghanaian International and Chelsea Football Club Star. It aims to create opportunities and hope for the underprivileged in the Awutu Breku area. The goal of the MEF is to promote basic community amenities and opportunities for various groups through different projects and activities.

Below is a list of some of the areas MEF will be working on;

  • Bore Holes – Good Drinking Water -
    Water is life and extremely essential for towns and villages. The surrounding villages in Awutu struggle to get water for their households. The MEF would like to partner companies who provide water for villages, to drill as many bore holes as possible to serve the villages. This project will run throughout the entire 5 year period.

  • Sports Day & Recreational Centre for Football
    The Sports Day program will be run yearly as part of Michael’s aim to give hope and inspiration to others as well as encouraging the youth. This scheme which was originally started by the StepApp Foundation has worked well for about 2 years now for the youth of Chorkor and has been embraced extremely well by many. Adopting this for the Awutu Breku area, where the various towns will compete for THE MICHAEL ESSIEN CUP will be excellent for a town, whose main form of entertainment is football.

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