Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bruny Surin

  • Athlete
  • 50/60/100M Sprinter
  • Canadian National

The Bruny Surin Foundation

The Bruny Surin Foundation aims to help advance children in their education by providing bursaries for students of secondary and post secondary schools while also providing them conferences on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Further, the Foundation is leading the way to a public awareness campaign, especially for the youngsters, so they may realize the full benefit of a healthy and active life, stimulate them to adopt this kind of lifestyle, and improve global health, which will have the advantage of allowing a better socialization and an integration in society and keeping youngsters far from the mirage of easy temptation of artificial pleasure so current in today's society. The Foundation does the promotion of physical and sporting activities in schools and in workshops to encourage so as youngsters to improve physical health and by doing so, accomplish the purpose of the Foundation.

  • To grant scholarships in order to provide financial support to youngsters to help them pursue and complete their studies and fight against dropouts of school
  • Grant sports scholarships as a financial support to the young studying athlete, to allow them to pursue their studies and support them, especially to succeed in their studies and also stimulate them in their sports goals
  • Through public awareness and educational prevention, specially among the youngsters, to educate them of the benefit of an active and healthy lifestyle and improve both their physical and emotional health and urge them to adopt that lifestyle and integrate well in society
  • Receive donations, legacy or any other contribution of same nature in money, movable or property, manage such donation, legacy or contribution, organize a subscription campaign in order to collect charity funds pursued by the Foundation
  • Collect funds from partners and donators to serve members of the population to organize the above mentioned activities
For more information checkout http://www.fondationbrunysurin.ca/english/mission/default.asp and http://www.brunysurin.com/indexEN.php

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